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  1. can you tell me the price for a consultation please?

  2. Hi what price fr a complete check up.

  3. Hi,
    i would like to know how much cost the consultation and if you’re opened on Saturday

  4. Hi,
    I would like to know if you offer alternatives to braces to stariten out slightly crooked teeth and how much they cost.

    I would like to know how much a cleaning and whitening would cost

    Thank you

  5. Hello.I find your services very interesting.Actually i would like to fix an appointment for a teeth whitening session and would like to know the cost.I also would like to know if you propose any treatment for darkened gums.Through research i came across laser and depigmentation techniques for treating darkened gums.
    Thanking you in advance.Regards

    • Dear Kevin
      Please, check your e-mail.

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